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i got a bad feeling about this.

soo hellooo. everyone. my name is annette. im 15 and yeah i live in boring connecticut. so yeah um anyways i have a crush on this guy and i've known him since like i was 8. but were not realeted or anything. we dont go each other houses bc our families are like not that close. but i do get to see him at my friends house alot. i started liking him this year and stuff, and i think he liked me before but im not sure. but i was over my friends house for her sister's communion party and like idk i really wanted him. lol i was flirting with him and idk how he took it but w/e. anyways so i talk to him online and stuff. well yea we flirt online sometimes and stuff. but idk im so confused. then my friends tell me to tell him that i like him but he knoes i like him already, but they mean as in tell him that i like him and see if he likes me back. but i just dont want to do that bc it would be awkward if he doesnt like me and i go over my friends house and i see him. i really dont know what to do. soo please help meee??!!
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