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uh oh

i really need help. please.

so i spent the night last night at my best friend ashley's house. and her brother, who usually is at her dads house was there. and when i got there, ashley had stickers so we were putting them all over each other's faces, then we started putting them on her brother, Terry's face. And i guess me and Terry might have flirted a little. but i don't know. then at like all night me, terry, ashley, and Amber ((ashley's sister.)) were hanging out. then Amber left. and i was lying my head on Terry, and ashley on me. then we all got up.

me and terry went upstairs and watched silence of the lambs. then ashley came, and fell asleep. then she was all being "fat" so terry and i made fun of her. because she took up like 1 and 3/4 of the couch cushions out of 3. so i was all squish-ed. uhm. then like terry passed out. then i laid down-ish. then like terry and ashley would like move, and twitch-ish like they were awake even though they weren't. then.... well hmmm. terry thought i was asleep and put his hand on my side-ish near my ass. then i just sorta moved closer to ashley. then a little later, he did it again a little later. then i like moved, and rolled to lie on my back, because he like started to put his arm around me. and i just tried to twitch a little, so he would freak out and leave me alone. then i rolled back onto my side, he got up a little later. when he came back a little while after he was like squeeshing me into ashley. and then he left he like felt my chest, in what i think was a failed attempt to put his arm around me, because he pulled back, worrying i would wake up. then he left.

and i got this weird feeling, of i really wished he had stayed, and like i don't know.

but then the next morning we were in ashley's room, and terry was there, and we were all sitting. and somehow i ended up sitting next to him, and we were super close. because there was like this "love seat" but it only had 1 of the 2 cushions open, so we sorta shared the one, while ashley was on her bed. and i don't know.

so i think i like him. except he's my best friends brother. he has a girlfriend. he's 2 grades younger then me. he's 16 monthes younger then me. and i don't think it would really work. but i don't know what to do.

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