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You'r Kiss Kills Me

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New music [29 Apr 2009|01:55pm]

Green Day is releasing a new album on May 15th, titled 21st Century Breakdown. Below is a widget where you can check out the new single, Know Your Enemy, and follow what the band has going on right now.

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Sexy girls of top dating site [15 Oct 2006|08:22pm]



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joinn [19 Aug 2005|01:18pm]

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i got a bad feeling about this. [18 Aug 2005|10:43am]

[ mood | lethargic ]

soo hellooo. everyone. my name is annette. im 15 and yeah i live in boring connecticut. so yeah um anyways i have a crush on this guy and i've known him since like i was 8. but were not realeted or anything. we dont go each other houses bc our families are like not that close. but i do get to see him at my friends house alot. i started liking him this year and stuff, and i think he liked me before but im not sure. but i was over my friends house for her sister's communion party and like idk i really wanted him. lol i was flirting with him and idk how he took it but w/e. anyways so i talk to him online and stuff. well yea we flirt online sometimes and stuff. but idk im so confused. then my friends tell me to tell him that i like him but he knoes i like him already, but they mean as in tell him that i like him and see if he likes me back. but i just dont want to do that bc it would be awkward if he doesnt like me and i go over my friends house and i see him. i really dont know what to do. soo please help meee??!!

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uh oh [08 Aug 2005|09:27pm]

[ mood | confused ]

it is her brother....Collapse )

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[21 Jun 2005|08:19pm]
[ mood | question... ]

...confused...Collapse )

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[04 Jun 2005|05:03pm]

Erm.. Hello. I just joined... and I need some help.

So... Ihave this boyfriend that things are dying with. But I am falling for this other guy at the same time.

Now here is my problem I don't know who to choose...

The Boyfriend of 5 months (almost)
The friend that makes me happy
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[22 May 2005|09:20am]

[ mood | busy ]

no one updates anyone more well things going well what about you all

please write!!!

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[22 Mar 2005|02:13pm]

[ mood | confused ]

ok so i never thought that i would be posting anything on here.. not thats its bad just that i like to read what other ppl write first and see if there stories are like mine but i havent heard one yet. im brittany everyone! nice to meet you all! well i like this guy a lot and i talk to him all the time. i think we flirt but i dont really know cuz i dont get him. but anyways i guess im a really pushy person and i asked him last night if he liked me and he said he didnt know.. could i dont know mean somthing else? im not trying to seem like he likes me but he also said i dont know about everything else we talked about.. please help!!! thx! <3

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[21 Mar 2005|03:07pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

hello everyone and everything well i went to school today what a drag:<
and everyone was a jerk this one kid(the one i like) was like look at that slut over there i was cruch what should i do?????????????
love you all thanx


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[19 Mar 2005|10:40pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hi my Name is syephanie and there is not much 2 say!!!!!
ummmm 15 and i cant rely tell u all how i fell because it to
bad!!! i did have a broken heart like every girl i know
thats about it!!!


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[02 Feb 2005|07:56pm]

[ mood | blank ]

gahhh! i think that I have a new crush! hahah normally i really don't act like a silly little kid about boys, but for some strange reason, i have an urge to act like I have such a great secret!

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skeleton on display. [02 Feb 2005|04:06am]

[ mood | artistic ]

walking off, alone, with your back to the one you said you loved,
stepping out of skin we grew together in as neverending but you ended it.

unprepared for the hardened coldness-i could not detect it in your eyes.
and every moment that i had to give was dedicated by your side.
of all nights we held each other dear, never did i dream that it would end.
and your breath against my neck, i fear, was my only reason for breathing.

i will always miss you, i will always miss you, i will always.

according to the facts you so casually laid before me, your interest simply died.
i'm nodding with your head, just to agree and going against what i know in mine.

i need a promise, not a prediction of when this will resolve.
o.k., if it is never than at least i know
and i'll go without my dignity and say

i will always miss you, i will always miss you, i will always.
i will always miss you, i will always miss you, i will always.
i am a skeleton on display.

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[01 Feb 2005|11:48pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Um, I noticed this community was dying, and I kind of hoped it would come back to life. I love kissing my bf, 'cause he has a retainer and its so much fun to lick it. He starts laughing, and its tons of fun. But, I'm fairly certain that relationship is going to end soon. He is a slut, and if anybody else comes along (because anybody is better than me) he will abandon me.

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[01 Feb 2005|03:29pm]

[ mood | anti-good ]

its short but i like lj cuts.Collapse )

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